January 30, 2011

Catching up

The whirlwind of the first couple weeks of school have settled and I am so excited about all of my new classes/teachers this semester. It's nice for things to finally be settling back into place, getting the new schedule down, meeting the new classmates and getting to know the new teachers.
Also, this past week my dad had a surgery implanting a defibrillator and connecting it to his heart to help with his cardiomyopathy. His surgery went great! It was certainly stressful and overwhelming knowing that he was going through such a big surgery and not being able to be with him or the rest of my family. But God provided and has embraced my family with healing, encouragement, and love. It's so wonderful and in knowing that they aren't going through this alone, but that God has His hand on them and this situation, that I find peace.

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