August 21, 2011

First Day of School Dress

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have heard me mention a little something about my very first sewing project (with a machine, that is). I’m still pretty excited about it and can’t believe I made it (well, my mom helped… a lot!) with my own hands! It was also such a great experience to learn how to use the sewing machine and share that time with my mom, doing something that she has a passion for as well. I wore the dress for the first time last week on my first day of school. I have decided that I now need 6 more, in various colors of course, so that I can wear one each day of the week. It is just that fantastic.

1. Patterns, 2. Fabric, 3. Sewing, 4. Deciding the hem length, 5. Final touches, 6. The first day of school!
I'm already looking forward to my next sewing project!


August 18, 2011

It's been good

Summer break is officially over and school is now back in session. The last few weeks have been some of the best. I spent a couple weeks in Indiana with my family, went to the State Fair, learned to sew, visited friends, baked, and ate the most delicious food.

I cannot believe summer is over! It has been one of the best ones yet. I won’t lie – I’m pretty darn excited about this school year though. It’s already off to a wonderful and fresh start. I’m looking forward to all that’s in store!


August 05, 2011

A quick "hello!"

Hello from the great Midwest!

I've been visiting my family in Indiana for the past few days and it has been so nice! Especially now that summer classes are over, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted and I now have all this free time that I just don't know what to do with myself! I have quite a lengthy (and growing by the hour!) list of things I want to learn, make, do, try, go, eat, see, read, etc. within the next week or so.

I began reading Emily Giffin's book, "Something Borrowed" the night I arrived in town and so far it's pretty good! I've been looking forward to reading her books for awhile now, so I'm excited to finally have one almost finished. I also purchased my very first (or 4) dress patterns yesterday! Today my mom and I picked out the perfect fabrics for a couple of them. Tomorrow I'll get started on the sewing! I'm so excited to make my very own first-day-of-school dress!