January 12, 2011

Snow Day(s): Stockinette Stitch

Greenville has been shut down since the snow fell on Sunday evening. The difference between how South Carolina and Indiana react to a snow fall blows my mind. To pass some of the time, I've completed many extra large granny squares for the afghan, but last night I decided to begin another project on my list and re-learn how to do the stockinette stitch in the process. I love how the stockinette stitch looks, combining the purl stitch and the knit stitch together. Although, the downfall of the stockinette stitch is that it tends to curl at the edges, which can turn out to be a huge disappointment when you've been working on a project for ages, only to have it roll up on you! While I remembered this in the beginning of my project, starting off with 3 rows in garter stitch to prevent curling on the vertical ends of the scarf, I failed to think about how to prevent curling on the horizontal edges of the circle scarf that I'm working on. I'm thinking that I will end up steaming the scarf once finished (before I join the ends; I'm not using circular needles this time), and sew a strip (trim) of 3 knit stitch rows along the horizontal edges. Regardless, I adore the way it is looking so far!
The 'smooth side', also the knit stitch side.
The 'rough side', also the purl stitch side. Notice how it's curling all on it's own?

Yarn:Loops & Threads, Impeccable worsted.
Color: True Gray
Needle Size: 10, 6.00mm
CO: 25 stiches
Rows: Undetermined

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