A bit about 'the Minette'

I've long been fascinated by Julia Child. I have a purpose for starting off this page with talking about Julia Child, just hang in there. Recently, I came across the books 'Julia's Cats' by Patricia Barey and Therese Burson and 'Minette's Feast' by Susanna Reich, and developed even more of an interest in the tall, silly chef. Julia was a woman in love with her husband, France, and her cat. And, to top it off, her husband loved cats just as much as she! Minette was Julia's saucy french cat. You see, 'the Minette' is a tribute to the quirky french cat.


This blog and I have had a bit of an off-again, on-again relationship over the years. When I wander away for months at a time and then find my way back, its always there to greet me, ready to hear all about my day. It is a terribly convenient (for me), while a bit neglectful (for the blog), sort of dynamic.
But here we are, back at it again

I am a senior biology degree student at a university in the southeast. I hope to one day teach others who find a similar interest and curiosity in the field of science.

I will be using this space to share photos, memories, and short notes on daily events, sort of as a public scrapbook, if you will (as much as I'd like to have a hard-copy, I just can't keep up with Martha Stewart and all of the glitter, cut out letters, and pocket pages that a true scrapbook requires. This is much simpler and requires less glue).