May 06, 2011

Summer break pt.1

Summer break has finally arrived! I had my wisdom teeth taken out today, so I thought I would share some photos from the past few days here at home (Indiana) and a mini-video I made from little clips that  my mom and I shot at the "family photo shoot", yesterday! Pardon the sloppiness, it's my first time ever making anything in iMovie!

getting ready to have our family pictures taken

[Song: 'The Winner Is' by Devotchka]
Alexander's for ice-cream (and sorbet) in downtown Noblesvile. Delicious!
Hannah and I with our selections from Alexanders

Buyer's remorse. Hannah said it was too short. I should have ignored her! It's the cutest little thing.
I made banana (some with nut) muffins from scratch last night. Mmm! I may have accidentally overcooked them a tad bit! Oops.

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