June 08, 2011


How did I forget about the photos from the end of the year picnic?! It's so strange that the school year ended two months ago and now we (amongst the group of us in the photos) are spread all across the country for the summer. Matt and Beth are married now (!!!) and living in Virginia, Blair and I are in South Carolina, Raul is in New Mexico, and Betsy is splitting her summer between Honduras and Washington. Here are photos from our picnic, before I forget about them again.

Fall's Park
Raul and Betsy
Bethany and Matt. Matt had just returned from an internship where he spent the entire semester away in Virginia. We were all  pretty happy see him (especially Bethany)!
Don't be fooled. Blair was having the time of her life.

Betsy, myself, Bethany, and Blair.

Another picnic is coming up this weekend. I just love summer picnics. If it were up to me, we would have picnics each and every day.


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